15 Reasons Why Marketing Degree IS USELESS

Thinking of doing a marketing degree? Stick with us through this video and you might want to think again.

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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
Are marketing degrees useless?
What are 15 Reasons Why Marketing Degree IS USELESS?
Why is a Marketing Degree USELESS?
Are marketing degrees worth it?
Is marketing a bad career?
What are the most useless degrees?
Is advertising a useless degree?
Is a Marketing Degree Worth It?
Is a marketing degree useless?
Are Marketing Degrees Worth the Paper They Are Printed On?
Is a marketing degree really that useless?
Are Marketing Degrees A Waste Of Money?
Is a college marketing degree worthless?

00:00 – Intro
00:53 – Marketing is constantly changing — and university courses can’t keep up the pace
01:28 – Big employers are getting rid of the degree requirement.
02:30 – Loads of theory — little to no practice
03:27 – You might end up learning other business topics you don’t even need
04:00 – You’ll probably end up learning a load of stuff you already knew
04:31 – A lot of marketing professors are out of touch
05:17 – They don’t teach you how to write great copy
06:01 – Or how to manage social media channels
06:54 – They don’t teach you SEO
07:09 – They don’t teach you photoshop editing
07:40 – Get networking
08:06 – Marketing degrees are expensive
08:48 – You can get the skills you need without a degree — much more effectively
09:33 – Even with a marketing degree, you’ll need to do loads of extras to get ahead
10:05 – Business courses in general often come out the worst rated
10:39 – Question

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36 bình luận trong “15 Reasons Why Marketing Degree IS USELESS

  1. Hello Aluxers! What do you think is the best way to become great at marketing?

    Article Version: https://www.alux.com/marketing-degree/
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    Thanks to our friends at Audible!
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  2. I am confused between marketing and medicine although these are two different things. I hope picking up marketing won't be the wrong decision. People tell me this won't be as high paying or reputed. It is confusing because I like both.

  3. This makes Me think about My Art Teacher versus The Principal and other Superiors. They had no clue what the subject was all about. I see the same thing with people in charge that are just plain ignorant

  4. Sometimes the best teacher is the self taught one in the garage. Edison was the best at His time, but in modern times its better to go to the one that is developing the LED

  5. Watching these videos is kind of pointless to me. They all focus of the us. Their arguments are always like: "is this really worth $40 000??" and I, an Europian, am like why does it cost so much there? It costs like $3 000 in my country. I'm not saying that the quality of the education is better, but that's the standard here.

    Also, this video feels like it was written by someone who failed marketing classes in the uni and are still salty about it. Or maybe they want to lower the competition this way lol. Everything that was said could also apply to almost any other degree. I don't know what you do in universities, but you shouldn't go there just to get a degree. It teaches you useful things and it's up to you to use it wisely. Who says theories aren't important in marketing? Maybe as a marketing manager you should know more about the practical side of things, but that's why you need experience.

  6. Marketing is a philosophy. I know that sounds abstract but the answer in whether or not a degree in marketing is useful or not lies in understanding that. If its a philosophy, that means the more it is studied, the more its students get to learn the techniques of gaining an understanding into customer motives for buying and consumer behavior. Which is the crux of marketing and branding. If you view marketing only from an execution point of view, you'll say people should take up 6months online digital marketing course instead of marketing degrees. Yes they'll be able to execute, but will they be able to position brands. YOU CANNOT CREATE HIGH BRAND RESONANCE BRANDS WITH A 6 MONTHS MARKETING CERTIFICATES. With that amount of training you simply do not have the understanding of the science behind creating such brands. I would have framed the title of this video differently and encouraged marketing graduates to consider taking digital marketing course instead of saying a marketing degree is useless. A marketing graduate with a digital marketing certificate is far better than a 6 months digital marketing certificate holder. Not only from a career advancement perspective but also from a perspective of possesing the know how of understanding consumer motives and behaviour. Think about it. Most of the greatest brands we see today were created in pre-digital era. And they were created through the very same marketing principles that are being criticized today. The only thing that changed in mordern times is the availabity of new channels, not the relavance marketing principles

  7. I self studied marketing before launching my business. I had to teach myself the fundamentals of accounting too (Financial and Managerial). Since employment was never my intention when it came to learning these skills self study was the way to go.

  8. I got the point. What makes it useless is what they teach you during the college days, because Marketing in reality is quite broader, changes overtime in a competitive Industry. It sounds easy in college, but in reality it's like a battle field. It's never easy, just look at how companies competes through advertising! The Nike, addidas, LV, Gucci etc, it's all branding and it's never easy for a marketing manager.

  9. Can you suggest books or online learning tools for digital marketing? I would like to start learning 🙂

  10. I think what they have mentioned here are marketing tactics such as seo, ppc , content writing and so on. These will change at a fast pace but you don't actually learn in a marketing degree. What you learn are more at a strategic level such as understanding customer needs, market analysis and research, buyer decision process, consumer behavior, modelling, building customer value etc.

  11. A quick job search on indeed quickly disproved this videos main point . . . Almost every marketing job posting put a bachelors degree in their needed qualifications list. Now granted, some of them put “preferred” or said that it’s not required if you have experience, but I couldn’t find a single entry level job that you could get without a degree nor experience. A marketing degree is worth it just to get you the job.

  12. Alux, you are wrong. Most of the degrees are useless 😂. My field is Software Engineering, and many graduates don't even know basic programming. Luckily I had a passion, so I learned from internet resources and Internships.

  13. If individual wants to be succesfull businessman,why people do not want to learn and attend to many internships, they just look to sky and think their future with wealth only with one idea, however idea and creativity comes when working in that sphere.
    Please people stop dreaming about being billinere without working in one direction.
    Marketing is tool to learn every spheres in the world,,. Infrastructure, education and every sphere can marketers access

  14. 😪😪😪😪 This video is discouraging me to further in this field. I'm almost finished my first year🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

    Just a measure of knowledge is required to conquer trading market assets.

  16. People, don't feel discouraged, and don't take this video to face value, a Marketing degree is still a good choice.
    If your college does not teach about digital marketing, seo, copywriting and algorithms, you can take courses on your own (a very basic course in photoshop and even journalism and coding may also help, don't feel overwhelmed, with the very basics is ok), you should also think on getting an internship, digital internships also exist.
    And no, a big company is not going to hired you if you don't have a degree.

  17. i love how all the majors i’m interested in (journalism, communications, marketing) are majors everyone says are useless 😭😡

  18. Not entirely useless and those "other" subjects do provide an important insight however definitely agree on the point that its lots of theory and little to no practice plus professors are seriously out of touch with the reality

  19. US is not alone.
    Marketing Degrees are also pretty irrelevant in Portugal.
    Marches almost all points mentioned here.
    You go out there and get punched in the face by the marketer when you realize you have been learning Basic stuff that doesn't even meet requierments.
    My best teacher has been the internet so far.

  20. well a degree for a day gone by…big companies had "marketing depts" and budgets for it…generally went with "sales"…some still do, but they typically outsource it if they are smart, so you still have demand for it, but it's generally low because few want to pay for it…while it's more important than they realize, marketing is a rare talent and those people who have it are usually self employed…
    Alex Rodriguez when he got that big $200M contract with Texas? He hired a marketing firm to put together a promo video on himself to go get top dollar in free agency…paid off didn't it? Now you see he is in business post baseball…good move.

  21. Man I was taking a marketing class at a community college and there was this dude who was like 10 years younger than me who could outclass the marketing teacher in marketing generating tons of business the class was all useless I couldn't even apply it to myself as a real estate agent.

  22. I got a Business Degree but I might get a Certificate in Digital Marketing and another in Professional Consulting. I will have to make a note to comeback here in 2 years and tell people if it’s is worth it or not.

  23. This is knowledgable marketing advice.Your vid really is like the channel from this educational social media marketer Adi. Adi is an expert in the automation tool Jarvee and she helped me a lot on personal brand.

    You should check out her advice out and give Adi a subscribe! #DoctorJarveeSettings

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