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Franklin Emmanuel

15 bình luận trong “$200/day Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketing | Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Ads

  1. Start Affiliate Marketing Here Now -> https://affiliaterecipe.com/free-class/

    NB: I will never share my contact details on youtube. please do no fall for scammers sharing their contact with you in the comment section

  2. Hi Frank, what's the difference between traffic and conversion on Facebook ads. And which one is the best between both coz I can't wait to start earning money via Facebook ads with my funnel setup. Please I need an urgent reply. Thanks

  3. Thank you very much for this video. I got great value. Being new to online marketing, a lot of the terms fly ober my head but watching your how-to videos have been of immense help!

  4. Hey Frank, while running your ad, you said u didn't pick landing page view because of no pixel.
    I wanted to ask, in a situation where u have a landing page, and u are redirecting them from the landing page to another place eg selar. Where do you add your pixel? Is it on the landing page or the selar store.

  5. Goodwork. I am kuga watching you from Ghana. Pls, teach us how to make a landing page on the website and use for facebook ad for affiliate marketing plus how to your email collection to the landing page.
    Secondly, do a video on the opp in page, the complete funnel, email collecting and facebook ad.
    Thank you.

  6. Another great content of value… Please do I have to create a landing page for an existing contact list…?Your response will be highly appreciated

  7. Franklin I would like us to meet one on one because I need to learn more and understand more, I am a kind of person that learn faster and I like to good work You're doing keep it up 💯

  8. Been waiting for you to come online. Someone impersonating you right under your comments. With your picture 🙄. It’s sad that people can’t just wait to make money legitimately.

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