3 Golden Rules of Email Marketing in 2021 (Podcast)

Everyone knows that email is the most powerful tool in digital marketing. Still, how many of us know how to get the maximum out of it?

In this episode, I have a chat with Joshua Chin, the co-founder of Chronos Agency. They are a world-class email marketing agency that generates over $200 million in revenue for its clients. Joshua shares his story about how he gained his knowledge and how you can change your email game. If you are just starting or you are planning on launching soon, there are some excellent tips that you can follow to increase your sales.

We go beyond the usual 10% off pop up and placing the subscribe button on the footer. Grab a pen and paper and write down these great points and scale up your email game today!

Chapters –

00:00 – Introduction
00:34 – Meet Joshua Chin
03:48 – How to get started with email marketing
06:06 – Golden rules of email
09:24 – Ways to grow your email list
11:18 – Segmentation in Klaviyo
16:00 – Getting the maximum from Klaviyo
19:58 – Split testing emails (A/B Testing)

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Davie Fogarty

30 bình luận trong “3 Golden Rules of Email Marketing in 2021 (Podcast)

  1. Amazing content, we are all soo lucky that you are here on YouTube. Best content I have ever seen here, and you are also so humble I can't believe. 🙂 I have a question if you read this: You are in Australia and you sell to Australia as well….what do you suggest to people who are in Europe but want to sell to the US (because of the one-language and big customer volume)? It means I need to do everything remote…will it make my life harder?

  2. Lets say I can't use Stripe as payment on my shopify because my country is not on the list. What would be the next best thing? 2checkout? I'm targeting NA, Uk,Canada, NZ.

  3. Hi Davey – could you do a video about how to get PR for your product? i.e. how to get journalists/publications/magazines/bloggers talking and writing about your product. Thanks and keep up the long form content!!

    I really learn a lot watching your videos, just one think I would loved you guys talked it’s about the changes that iOS 15 will bring to the email marketing.

  5. Thanks, you guys are the best man. The level of attention to details is amazing and it has helped me a lot.

  6. Hi Davie great video. Do you use the same 3PL for international shipping or a different 3PL for each country?

  7. My business is in a different industry (construction) but the concepts in Davie’s videos are absolutely golden for any industry. Keep it up 🔥

  8. INSANE how much value you bring us for free, thank you for that sincerely! If you see this comment consider making in details everything explained here on a real example and then monitor changes 🙂

  9. This video is probably insane but being a copywriter I would disagree with Joshua at one place… That is using of octane ai,

    because people pretend what they like to become not who they actually are!

    I am gonna explain it with an example: in a survey people were asked to choose one beer bottle from a set, where one bottle was marketed on quality while other was marketed on price.

    And on the spot they choose the beer which they felt to be good (which was marketed by quality) and opposite to it…

    Advertising results displayed the reality which was they went to buy the less-priced bottle.

    So we all choose answers which appeal good to us and seems to be logically good and not what we actually want.

    I won't tell it's solution now that… How to find their real opinions! Wait for Davie's next video😈😈

    Hope You Enjoyed!!

  10. Awesomeness! Where do you find offers and other tests ideas? Maybe you can share a swipe file 😍🙏🍾

  11. Absolute legend for doing these types of videos. I try to offer value in my videos but I can't offer this kind of value… Respect.

  12. Hi Davie, i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the value you share world-wide for free. You are changing my life change,you’re making the difference man. Thanks from Itlay!

  13. Hey everyone, where were the split tests in 22:19 made? Is it in Klaviyo that you can tell if the results are significant or is it a different software?

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