Big Eye Mobile Marketing! – Hermitcraft 8: #13

Mumbo needs more Iron! So its time to kick up our sponsorship deal. We interview, hire, train and deploy a full Big Eye zombie marketing army with a very important message or two.

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Tango Tek

30 bình luận trong “Big Eye Mobile Marketing! – Hermitcraft 8: #13

  1. I think if both people have gotten up on a desk in a business meeting, it typically is an indicator that things have completely derailed and might be about to come to blows.

  2. I finished watching this episode and the went over to check out TFC's latest video release ("Back to Boatem") As TFC says "Turns out, Harmless Harvests isn't quite so harmless".

  3. Watch out for your Fellow Bigeyed Brother Keralis!
    He will gamble away every earing you made at the Evil Emporium! XD

  4. So Tango… TFC died to your marketing drowned. I feel like you should give him a gift box of some sort to make it up to him. 🙂 One thing he could really use is some cobbled deepslate if you want to be really nice. 🙂

  5. Mumbo's response to 80 drowned zombies floating in his base: "I'm really liking these sponsorship deals. Not only did I get essentially a lifetime supply of iron, but I also get a bunch of friends. I've gone from have no friends and no iron to having a bunch of iron and a bunch of friends." I can't help but think Tango is really getting the short end of the iron sponsorship stick. 😂

  6. Hay tango u know would be pretty funny if u put a creeper skin on with audio going round prank the other

  7. IIRC, Drowned are passive on land during the daytime. If they can't reach water, they just stand still. They only attack during the day if you're in water with them, and will make no effort to chase players who aren't in the water, except (possibly) for the whole "trident throwing" thing. At night, they come out of water and chase people on land. Those Drowned in the tunnel might have started chasing, not because the water was gone, but because it was nighttime on the surface. If no one else was online to sleep.

  8. Or if you put up a dispenser in front of a gate with either a button or lever you can just equip every zombie that stands in front of it with a hat. I do this with zombie villagers I find in the wild as I don't like villager breeders…I know breeders are faster they just, kind of creep me out is all…

  9. drowneds works differently during night and day, in the day they will do their best to stay in the water, during night they will act like regular zombies

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