Abroad in Japan

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  1. I always despised England over the war of 1812, burning down someone's capital is poor form after all, but then British rock bands of the 80's won me over. Glad to see you using it in your background music.

  2. Once I was in France. Menu of some restaurant was translated in russian. Literally there were hard drives of see, salad with rocket (nasa rockets, not grass) and some other funny names of dishes and drinks. It was fun.

  3. Is there a video of this happening the other way around- English speakers mangling Japanese? It would pretty much be a video of jokes which have to be explained, but I'm really curious about that.

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣Bon Jovi….on a diagram of a Chicken and what you can eat on it bloody hell that made me laugh so hard.

  5. In Japan do people have English nonsense written on their clothes?? The best I saw in China was a guy wearing a white wool jumper with the dark blue words "Pervert" written on it…

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