Division Heartland NEWS!! New Marketing & Developers!

With some actual news finally coming out for The Division Heartland; today we’re covering the game’s new logo and some recent hires to Red Storm’s community team. Let me know your thoughts!

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30 bình luận trong “Division Heartland NEWS!! New Marketing & Developers!

  1. Wow that was hard to listen to!
    Slow down man, it's sounds like you're at the track calling a horse race, the commentary was a frantic garbled mess.
    I gave up half way through, I've got a headache now.

  2. Oh.. I don't know. Seems like the content creators have picked up right where the community leaders left off. Plenty of none news for everyone.

  3. bro its time to talk…

    So the other day I was watching NGN's channel and how now they have this crazy theory that Keener might be alive and how it is possible within the story and may come back for future content. I was a bit sceptic as you know, people nopt blving that Lau is alive but Keener is?? I mean, comon! XD

    So anyways I was checking around the comment section and Yannick, the man himself, threw a comment in that video…

    Yannick: 🙂

    That was it… nothing else. So let's discuss. Does that mean that Yannick actually is smiling cause Keener is alive???

    Sorry I bring this to your channel and ofc I am excited of all the news you mentioned but I really have no other way but this one to communicate this stuff to you :'v (still a bit pissed about the Ghost Recon Fortnite >:v)

    Anyways have a good one bro and hope you can make a vid about this as well XD

    Stay safe as always!

  4. Let's see what they have in store for us, we can't continue to grasp at the past – Once we see where ubisoft's head is with how this game lines up for them and the resources they can put into it, we'll have a better understanding of their position and what they can devote to the games success. At that point we as fans can start to put out our input as some things we might like to see happen.

  5. New community managers can only be a good thing, especially since the division community really expects a lot from them, as previously seen in State of the Game. Looking forward for heartland, already have space on my SSD for it 🙂

  6. Any reappearance of State Of The Game will come from a decision higher up than these guys. I truly hope we do see it again, but from what feels like a distinct change in direction in comms with the community (aka zero) I'm not betting on ever seeing a State Of The Game again. I can't help but wonder how much the mountains of toxicity you would often see on the live feeds had to do with management pulling it. Personally, I don't blame them. If we are to see State Of The Game again, the community needs to value it and the people putting in the time to deliver it.

  7. Heartland is going to be a good game. A friend told me that he played it and it was very good and a great addition to the division franchise. Can't wait to play it when it comes out.

  8. i dont care who they get for the SOTG : Heartland, We will never get back what we had with the SOTG :Division 1 in 2016-2018, that was one thing that kept me on the game fo sooo long and i started following "Tom Clancy's : The Division in e3 2013 from the initial E3 Demo from 2013 i was hooked the moment i saw that Demo… the very first one……..and the 2nd and 3rd for sure hook line and sinker!!

    ( hooks us all in with a massive downgrade, dont get me wrong nothing still even compares to the division 1 & or2 or even both combined so yea still a game long before its time for sure….. i just wish when or even if we do get a Division 3 we get the game WE WERE SUPPSED TO FROM THE BEGINING (Obviously way later in the story) but we need a mixture of Division 1 + Division 2 = Division 3 aka a fully TRUE NEXT GEN (SNOWDROP 3.0 UPGRADE) with a Unreal "NANITE Type feature to give us a division 3 game with abilities that the new Unreal Engine 5 can do, but have snow drop 3.0 have in division 3 be a full REBOOT with all Divi1 + Div2 maps and locations along with a full new map area (like idk Texas . Ohio/ Kentucky /Florida or Russia, idk but some cool AF new map area on a true 1:1 scale with more than just a small section of Manhattan (like div had on the massive downgrade. and make the game be fully supported with a graphics/engine overhaul every 1-2 or so years and lots of new content and modes with new features etc.. this should have been possible with the e3 div 1 OG the real version of the division 1 back in 2013, no reason PCS even of that time/era couldn't run the game, hell, the 2013 E3demo was run on an OG "first gen" Standard Xbox One ( just an AMD FX based APU with an AMD Radeon RX 480 Class Integrated iGPU with 36 Compute Units( teh desktop Rx 480/580 was prob much faster in terms of actual core clocks on teh gpu but similar cores/shader cores etc. (but not the Xbox one X "advanced Xbox one" the OG Xbox one ) so no reason why we couldn't have the seamless co-op and pvp multiplayer massive originally wanted (THANKs MICROSOFT & SONY FOR THE ONLINE PAY walls that stopped the PC – console CROSSPLAY and seamless multiplayer!!!

  9. Appreciate the shout out brother! If I find more will definitely forward it to you, we grow together! Another great and informative video. Keep crushing it 💪🏻

  10. Keeba is great! Met her at 2018 E3. Some great little data points for some speculation that you've collected here. YOU and other content creators are keeping the torch lit for now!

  11. I am seriously hopeful for Heartland will be solid. Ghost Recon Frontline scares me. I just hope they don’t totally forget what people love about this game!

  12. A free to play Div game doesn’t sit well with me though. Just sounds like a battle royale and that’s a no bueno.

  13. After the state of the Dz's the past couple weeks…Heartland can't drop fast enough for me…thanks for the update!

  14. Its kinda weird to me how they made this huge reveal and trailer(s) for the new Ghost Recon Frontline, while it is still nowhere near done. And Heartland should be comming out this year/beginning next year, but we (officially) still havent seen anything.

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