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  1. The Weeping Angels were a great one-off villain. They don't work as well when they keep returning, it's demystifying something that should stay mysterious. And in the hands of the current so-called "creatives" in charge of the show they'll be the lamest versions they can possibly be. How will they figure out how to blame straight white men for the Weeping Angels? I'm sure they'll find a way.

  2. You gotta hand it to Chibbs – he keeps outdoing himself on his incompetence. Even JNT is spinning in his grave.

    Halloween is the perfect time to air this season of shit. It's scary that anyone will be watching.

  3. Another year with no real Doctor who. Bad acting, bad writing, Woke SJW preaching, man bashing. Hopefully it will be better next year, as bad as the rating are, we will be lucky if it's not cancelled by then.

  4. I love doctor who and was really happy a woman would finally be the doctor. I'm extremely disappointed. I watched some of the first season with Jody in it but I couldn't continue. The plot and monsters are just horrible. It makes me really sad because this is my favorite childhood show. 😔

  5. You have been hating on this era for the last 3 years why do you still watch the show? Stop your complaining and watch something else!

  6. This will bomb…most people…even here in the UK…have themed parties on Halloween night! Doctor Who is the furthest thing from people's minds!

  7. Back in the old days, (when Doctor Who didn't suck) the joke would have been: "Woke losers make more crap. Film at 11."

  8. Why are you all so miserable? It's a TV show and there's more important things going on in the world. Get pressed about things that matter instead of a children's TV show.

  9. Whether it is intentional done, or purely coincidence, the general scripting and content of this trailer is a recreation of this now legendary trailer back in 2005 –

    Sixteen Years seperate the two. Sixteen years of shooting methods, editing capability, and backroom staff. And yet that 2005 trailer still grabs ahold of your attention with both hands and you want to see the series it advertises. Opening with a powerful leading man and highly skilled editing, a good deal of thought and effort has gone into its making.

    With the Series 13 trailer you have the other extreme – here is what is effectively a fanmade recreation of that 2005 trailer. Cheap. A fan cosplaying the Doctor speaks directly into a static camera, no movement or ambition, and two companions appallingly overacting race around the console in the background. THIS is the best that the production team of BBCs Doctor Who in 2021 could manage for a season trailer.

    I put it to you that as that 2005 trailer is the expression of that era's production team, so this trailer is the expression and embodiment of the current production teams ambition, their enthusiasm for the series, their technical skills and sheer professionalism poured into that trailer. Do you not share their pride and excitement?!!
    But look at it also as being a sample of the overall quality of the series to come, after all that's what trailers are. And when you look at it in those terms I think you can imagine what the already doubtful BBC executives might have been feeling as the filming footage for this series began to come in and take shape. I can see that if this trailer is anything to go by that these executives would have been reviewing the footage coming in and been shaken by it.
    Whatever was said in the aftermath of the poor performance of series 12 this is Chris Chibnall and Matt Strevens response to those discussions, and that poor result. And I think on that basis you can appreciate why it is the BBC have been so late, and reluctant, to actually promote this series to come. We are two weeks away and the promotional run has been absent. There seems to have been a mutual disownment of this new series, from Chibnall, from Whittaker, and from the BBC. They will have to show it yes, but it now seems clear that they have no faith or interest in Chibnall and Whittaker's version of Doctor Who….

  10. Remember when Writers used to try and give Doctor Who serials good titles, like Evil of the Dalek, The Web of Fear, Terror of the Zygons, Tomb of the Cybermen, The Faceless Ones, Planet of the Spiders, The Sea Devils, etc?

    Now we get thrilling titles like Flux…

    Another thing all the stories I listed prior to Flux have in common: they were all f*cking good and have stood the test of time for decades.

    I will be watching Doctor Who on Halloween, but I will be watching Evil of the Daleks in response to this bullsh*t. There is plenty of good classic Doctor Who stories to watch or rewatch without having to subject yourself to the trash their putting out now.

  11. I thought this “advert” was a mistake at first, and at least expected a BBC end card stating the air date. It looked like an edgy child’s YouTube ARG, terrible! I have a theory that the main antagonist will be Jodie Whittaker’s disgusting scrunch face.

  12. Americans have made Halloween all about dressing up and "candy" some of us prefer not to abide by the trick or treat mania and just watch some decent horror films
    But yeah dr who is [email protected]#t now
    John Bishop?….. Oh for FFFFs sake NOOOOOOO

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