Elden Ring's marketing makes no sense… what is Bandai doing?

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There’s a new bandai namco show where they’re going to be discussing Elden Ring more… but I don’t get it at all. I’m trying to understand Elden Ring’s marketing strategy, but I just can’t. Help me understand what they’re trying to do. Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

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  2. Ziostorm as a heads up form someone in the vtuber rabbit hole I know who the vtuber is and honestly it's a weird choice that they went with to talk about Elden Ring. She speak mostly Japenese but can speak English and the majority of her audience is Japanese. Whats stranger is the fact that when it came to Tales of Arise the vtuber they wen with for that was a vtuber from the biggest Vtuber company with twice the number of subscribers. The vtuber that talked about Tales of Arise can speak English, Germen and Japanese fluently. So the fact that they picked a vtuber that is more known in Japan and not that much internationally is a strange decision. Still she does like the Souls games so that might play into it a little but the marketing is nearly non-existent.

  3. They should show off some of the newer elements at the very least a lot of people genuinely don’t like souls or see what the hype is all about of course we all love it and we’re buying it for the challenging combat encounters and the awesome lore that’s normally in these games but if I was in the marketing I’d of shown off some different things and tried to capture the more casual audience with the newer elements they’ve added specifically for them eg the plotting of markers on the map, the stealth, the open world, the watch towers the roaming encounters and that sort of thing i here a lot of comparisons to breath of the wild and that game sold very well and is largely considered one of the best games of all time just because of how much freedom people had to go off and do what they want in between the story related content that’s the hype I would of been building on we all know we’re buying it and as I said the combat will be a more improved version of ds3 but that won’t be enough to capture this whole new player base they speak of they should do a gameplay showcase of all the newer elements that may get people who don’t like souls games to consider giving this one a go, no point implementing all these new features for the casuals because let’s face it that’s what a lot of the newer stuff is eg the way points and guidance towards locations and filling out a map of the world that’s all very breath of the wild type stuff if your not going to let people see that before time to help with their decision, I want Elden ring to do well I want there to be a massive player base of new players to keep the game alive longer but they need to market towards those people more than they need to towards us souls fans who are getting the game anyway. It just makes sense.

  4. The only reason i can think of why the marketing isn't happening is because the release date isn't 100% set. But they said its at the end of development so it is very strange.

  5. The marketing does not matter; We are salivating for this game. The fans will carry the game as we did it's fore bearers before it. I like Siro, I like Dragonquest so sounds good.

  6. I said jokily that the reason why Bandi Namco isn't pushing this game out there is because they are mad the success Sekiro had since it was under a different publisher.

    But that joke I made in passing seems more and more likely.

  7. Elden rings marketing is an enigma just like the lore of the games if you don't read item lore XD. I prefer it this way honestly, I want to experience it instead of being told to much about the game first. Soulslikes are best served blind…

  8. Nah, they know what they're doing, they're choosing the mystery approach, creating an atmosphere of mystery creates a curtain of ambiguity that once the contents are discovered, it gets way more hyped and noticed. in the near future, possibly a month or two before it's released, that's the moment they're gonna show a bit more and show all the preorder editions. Code Vein spiked that high at the moment due to the absence of a new souls-like game, Elden Ring spiked up at that moment due to the additional teaser. lastly, you gotta look at how demon's souls got a poor reception in Japan, then bumped up due to reception and word of mouth in western audiences.

  9. They're using the only publicity that should matter; make incredible games that have an insane lineage and that reputation will spread amongst thine faithful. EVERYONE will be playing this on release, so your friends that haven't heard about it will hear about it just before release, and about no other game for months after. They can't release too much actual gameplay footage, because the fan-base tears it to absolute pieces trying to garner any info they can. We can all agree that starving up until the point you're given a delicious, and very worthwhile meal that you can feast on is more than worth the wait. I want to know nothing more about the game. It comes out in just over 3 months and I AM READY!

  10. They are trying to not overhype the game

    I'm pretty sure there will be more trailers and hype closer to january

  11. I haven't even finished any of the Dark Souls games except for Bloodborne, Demon's Soul's and Sekiro; even I know about ELDEN RING and super excited about it but of course I'm sure many people like myself are waiting for a collector's or deluxe call by From or Bandai themselves, this game looks promising and it needs to start pumping pre order sells in the PS/Xbox/PC this or next month but I believe it'll go up by December.

  12. Everyone needs to brace there self for an inevitable delay. There’s just no way there going to release this game in January with this little marketing. If this game was going to be on time we would have seen more areas and gameplay by now.

  13. We're literally 3 months away and still don't have a public gameplay demo. This shit's wacky. It can't be due to the gameplay itself, it's just Dark Souls 3 with better graphics. And everyone who had the privilege to see the gameplay said it looked amazing. No clue wtf is going on with From and Bandai rn.

  14. I would like to agree with what you’re saying but I just can’t. Yes, maybe there are some of those players who would see that and not spend there money on CoD or Battlefield, but I think that is a very small number. There’s a reason those types of gamers buy a née copy of the same game every year. Elden Ring will not change that.

  15. I don’t see Soulsborne games ever being embraced by non-hard core fans, because the learning curve to get good enough in the game to enjoy it the most is ridiculous. 300+ hours to get good at PvP lol pretty insane stuff and so much easier to get into a FPS and a non ending series of quickmatches with aim assist. Now that’s an effective formula for attracting and retaining a wide audience. If I was making this game I too wouldn’t waste resources in marketing.

  16. I think fromsoftware is so big now, they could publish their own titles. I dont know why they have to go through all that with bandai.

  17. Well as i said before i agree with you here. I dont think that a lot of people know Dark souls and Dark souls like game are not what mainstream gamers go for. These are difficult games with a huge learning curve and a hell of a lot of frustration. That is not something every gamer wants. So if they want this game to reach more homes, they need to push the hell out of this game and make sure people have a ton of ways to play the game making sure gamers can compete the game even when they may not want to take the time to learn the ins and outs of these highly difficult games.

  18. simple men like us cannot comprehend the genius behind George RR Martin and Miyazaki. What more hype do we need?

  19. This is past the point of something doesn't feel right and into what the fuck is going on Bandai territory. I get that they don't want to hype up the game like No Man's Sky or Cyberpunk but this is really confusing. The most that we've gotten about development is an employee saying that the game's development has wrapped up but that doesn't cover much. Finishing development either means the game is done or the game is done and polished. But if the game was so close to being finished why aren't there more trailers or even a public gameplay showcase. I'm starting to get a bit worried as games that publishers don't have faith in, tend to be shoved back from the public eye. But Bandai has said they wanted this to be their biggest game ever, so where are the promotions? Because I think this is going to give Elden Ring the opposite effect as when it comes out as most people are probably just going to remember it as "that game that a bunch of people on the internet wereexcited for".

  20. In The famitsu interview they said, "we will continue quietly" up to launch. Why are people surprised????

  21. They already know people going to buy it so they aren't spending a single cent on marketing lmfaooooo

  22. Everyone that needs to know about elden ring, already knows. We really dont need more casuls complaining about invasions and an easy mode. Have you seen these scrubs on the internet lately, its getting out of hand. Wouldnt be surprised if this has something to do with the lack of marketing, its really, really becoming a problem. Fromsoft is niche and it should stay that way instead of trying to appeal to a wider audience thats just going to complain about core mechanics that weve loved for years. Trash video, how are you unaware of this problem if youre a fan?

  23. Yea good point, where the pre-orders at? I could do with or without the gameplay, but I do wanna pre-order and know that I have it bagged so I can take it off the list of future expenses. Cmon bandai.

  24. It's not marketing it's a lack of confidence in the product. Trying to tell people it's worse than it seems. Like a movie that avoids critics before release.

  25. Id say it has more to do with Bandai Namco having 3 – 4 other titles right now they are marketing.

    Elden Ring is already highly anticipated. Soulsborne fans do enough to sell these games already.

    Look at Sekiro.. I hardly remember very much marketing for that title leading up to release.
    I could be wrong.. because I can't compare to launch of previous titles.

    Demons Souls Remake didnt get much marketing.

  26. Honestly my best guess is Elden Ring is going to flop unless word of mouth can save it or some other 3rd party. Because the amount of people I know who have played dark souls but haven't heard much about Elden ring is astounding. I even had two guys tell me they thought it was a joke and I'm talking a month ago. Also most people have heard of Dark Souls but not Elden ring.

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