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  1. Mike Jaco never said Trump was a black hat. Hopefully you guys start to get your facts straight. Are you guys under the spectrum ? No offense to people under the spectrum but you guys seem a bit off.

  2. Actually you Mike answered a couple questions in your chat the other night regarding Jaco and both of you on here bashed Jaco , then here today you tell negative 48 Jaco dedicated a segment to calling you both bugs and clowns , why didn’t you speak truth that you both bashed Jaco first ???? You’re deceiving your guest and audience and try to say you’re all about truth , you’ve also said that you make more money doing this than your side job. Jaco has a right to respond to your bashing , I’m unsubscribing to your channel . Had you spoke truth about the situation you indeed created maybe you could’ve saved a subscriber

  3. So who is here that we don't know about Mike Penny? Was he making reference to God or Jesus, which of course is both. When I lost you all I realized I missed something big! Say What?

  4. I hope someone writes a book about all this history so we can all catch up on what we might have missed. You can't make this stuff up.

  5. I think your show tonight was very good! I wish all the complainers would just go away! Mike’s show has not changed one bit and I enjoy ML.

  6. 3 hrs of NONSENSE…Come on Mike Hear the Spirit of the Lord! Love You but not this Nonsense!🕊❤️‍🔥🦅

  7. 3 hrs of NONSENSE…Come on Mike Hear the Spirit of the Lord! Love You but not this Nonsense!🕊❤️‍🔥🦅

  8. None of this has anything to do with being a digital soldier which is what gen Flynn asked every one of us to become. Spouting off these bullshit numbers doesn't accomplish a thing. WTFU people. This channel has become a distraction

  9. Stop being negative Mike. I see the comments too. You’re not giving much Intel anymore. Just numbers numbers numbers……..show me in the BIBLE what you are talking about😡

  10. Why not get your show back to the way it was before. These guests are a big yawn. I'm here to listen to you….not a bunch of numbers. Those of us that don't do gematria or even care to believe in it have no reason to watch when you let people rattle off numbers for 2 hours. You may as well be speaking Chinese. YES, you DO have followers that arent into the numbers game. What about them?

  11. I don’t watch on the night this guy comes on. About the time he starts telling us info, you goes to throwing out numbers. Make you need y try ok explain what he is doing with comparing numbers


    Are you getting it yet ? Negative anything in the "Q" movement is dangerous to the movement! Positivity is grounded and going nowhere! And they are telling you this truth to your faces and you accept them as your savior and source of Intel.

    "Configuration Defined. Telecom and wireless networks typically operate on 48 volt DC power. But unlike traditional 12 and 24 volt systems which have the minus (-) side of the battery connected to ground (i.e. called negative ground systems), telecom batteries have the plus (+) side of the battery connected to ground, called a positive ground system, also designated as "negative 48" "volt".

  13. God is putting a end to the evil ugly people that had been running this world can’t wait till the good and Godly can say I told you so

  14. Mike, must say I enjoyed your show when you were on by yourself. You could follow you, don’t understand nothing that 48 guy says. Send M.L. to join frogs, his hat would fit it very well!!!!

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