How did Johnnie Walker keep walking for more than 200 years? : Marketing Case Study

Selling whisky isn’t an easy job. Whisky-makers have only a specific set of products that appeals and is enjoyed by a limited clientele. Yet, Johnnie Walker maintains a robust presence in more than 180 markets globally and has been significant for more than 200 years now. A big part of its international success is the company’s brand image that always changed with time.
In this video, we talk about Johnnie Walker’s legendary “Keep walking” marketing campaign.

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  1. Disclaimer
    Dear all,
    This is only an educational video and we in no way are promoting or support the consumption of alcohol.

    Stay safe ❤️

    Lots of love
    Think School

  2. The background music is so powerful, I feel like going out and getting a bottle of Johnny Walker. And I don't even drink 😅

  3. Here for a split second you showcased the Gillette advertisement as a marketing failure. Which reminded me I was so freaked out when the Gillette advertisement got threats of boycott. Because it made me realise that most men identified with the Street harassers and bullies instead of the good men in the advertisement 😥😥😥

  4. I really think YouTube would have 3 like buttons instead of 1, when I watch Think School

    Because in every video of it, I literally attempt 3 times to like it
    1. In early video (which I Do click on the like button)
    2. When learnings are explained (which I can't)
    3. When we are asked to like it (again which I can't)

  5. U r wrong now for this to build the brand.. For taking some time.. It was past.. Now a days its artificial intelligence.. U. Can build ur brands.. Within days.. Can u help me for building my own brand.. U can take ur commission.. partnership .. Etc.etc.. For ur job.. I m from USA..thankz

  6. Instead of just telling the audience to click the like button.. tell "why" they should click that button..

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