How I Started My Clothing Business at 20 | Marketing Strategies, Investments, + More!!!


I am SO excited to finally share this with all of you! I hope all of this information serves you well! I formatted this video by topics – within those topics, I answer questions you guys sent in on Instagram. All the time stamps are here so you can skip around if you want 🙂

1:25 – Concept – I talk about how I came up with my business idea and why I started it!
– 3:30 – How much did you prep before starting?
– 4:01 – How do you make yourself recognizable?
– 5:58 – How many pieces should be in a collection? How often should you put out a new collection?
6:33 – Production – I talk about my production process and things to keep in mind for it!
– 8:05 – Where do you buy bulk fabric?

– 8:46 – What sewing equipment do you use?
– Janome Magnolia 7330 –
– Singer ProFinish –
– Brother PE800 –
9:20 – Investments/Finances – I talk about budgeting, how much I spent, what I spent my money on, etc.
– 12:29 – How do you price things?
– 15:16 – What do you use for bookkeeping?
– Quickbooks –
15:37 – Branding – I talk about how to create a distinct brand aesthetic, making your brand recognizable, mission statements, etc.
– 17:15 – How you manage your limiting beliefs?
18:53 – Marketing – I talk about the different platforms I market myself on and how I go about it!
– 21:56 – What are your marketing strategies? (I talk about going viral here!!!)
– 24:37 – How did you build your following?
26:06 – Website – I talk about what should be included on your website!
– 27:05 – How did you make your website?
– Website platform –
27:35 – Promoting/Launching – I talk about promoting before your launch and what launch day can look like/what to do after
– 29:06 – Do you do unpaid collaborations or PR packages?
29:56 – Shipping – I talk about how I ship things out
– 30:58 – What shipping supplies do you start with?
– Rollo Printer –
– Shipping website –
– Shipping supplies –
– Custom label stamp –
– 31:56 – How do you set up world wide shipping?
33:04 – Analyze – I talk about how to improve and continue to grow after launching!
Extra Q&A:
34:14 – How you stay motivated?
34:58 – How do you manage your time?
36:02 What legal things did you have to do? Did you register your business?
– Company used to register my business –
36:43 – How do you deal with hate, negativity, or unsupportive people?

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Natalia Trevino Amaro

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  1. I’m making a painting business but so far the only orders are from people I know you have inspired me to keep trying

  2. Hella respect. I really like your energy and how informational your content is. Just found you today and I instantly subscribed. Thank you so much for putting this out ❤️🙌

  3. Hi there – love your business strategy and acumen!! Great job and I’m even more expired to continue my journey to start my clothing line. Question for you – what’s your process and resources for garment labeling? Thanks, Carla

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience, this is really helpful and inspiring. I am also pursuing business and hope reach heights like you 🙂

  5. Today my teacher told us to right a paragraph based on a person in real life and their story and of course wrote you

  6. This is a question for anyone that can answer. My brother just started his own pressure washing business and he said that if I ran his business accounts on social media, he would give me 15% of any business that he gets when customers come from the social media. So my question is… if I link his number, website, etc. and potential customers contact him, how will he/we know that they are coming from the accounts that I’m running (so that my brother knows to pay me)?

    (P.s. if you live in Iowa and need some pressure washing done.. contact American Softwash for your cleaning needs!🇺🇸)

  7. There's an opportunity for newbies to capitalize on, it's quite a shame people can't see this, cryptocurrency stocks, forex… And lot more that have made me generate enough money to start up my business.

  8. I'm so inspired by you. I'm in my 40s but just now following my lifelong dream of starting a fashion line and you make it feel attainable. Newish follower and really appreciating your content!

  9. Hello Natalia I’ve been following you and I really want to thank you for this amazing video(free workshop) in how to start a business. I really appreciate and this is exactly what I needed to know before I start mine. Thanks again you’re an inspiration for people of all kind of ages. Thanks👗👗🌻🌼🌷🌸

  10. Thank you so much for sharing! This gives me a better direction to start my small business.

    Congratulations on your growing business ❤️

  11. "it's not like it's a huge channel"
    you have 72,000 subscribers. how many of your customers are YouTuber followers?

  12. I never set the profit margin so high, everything I have is at 50-60%. I say anything above 30% you're doing good margins

  13. Hey Natalia can pls help me out with something very important! I have been working on a brand really close to my heart! And I told my ex bf about it! And now he is trying to take credit and steal my own brand that I’ve been working so hard on? How does all the legal side of this work? So I can permanently make it mine! Please I need your help!!!

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