How Lil Wayne Marketed Himself As A Rapper | Content Marketing

How Lil Wayne Marketed Himself As A Rapper

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“The One” –

“Michael Porter” –

“Don’t Sleep” –

Content marketing is just as important to your music business education as knowing how to write a dope hook.

Having an effective content marketing strategy is imperative to anyone who wants to know how to market your music.

Lil Wayne’s content marketing strategy using mixtapes in the mid 2000s was genius.

But his music marketing acumen didn’t start there.

It started when he was a young kid and he used strategies that social media marketing experts and record labels are using today for music marketing 2021.

In this Lil Wayne interview, he gives a lot of gems on how to build a music brand.

Did you catch all of the music business tips?

Watch the entire video.

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Figuring out how to promote your music can be a daunting task.

When I was starting off in my music marketing journey, I just wanted to find a music marketing channel on YouTube that focused digital music marketing strategies.

Once I charted #1 on iTunes, I knew I cracked the code for how to market my music online.

I wanted to share this Music Biz 101 information thought my platform, Group 82.

The DIY music biz has exploded since the streaming era took off and everyone makes it seem like the music business is made easy.

It’s not, but this channel gives you real music promotion strategies that work.

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  2. That's what I'm learning now more than ever as a rapper, that balance of Being Lyrical That it's simple, like lil wanye was able to perfect with the word play being simple yet the bar is super lyrical af

  3. i mean…
    homie= someone from your group home or someone from your home town
    woadie= wardy= someone from your ward

  4. You could tell dat nigga was lyin his ass of about not ever getting paid for a mixtape 😂. He wanna avoid legal issues

  5. Lil Wayne can’t admit to getting paid for the mixtapes because it would open him up to lawsuits from the producers of those beats he was jacking.

  6. See that’s all I was making was deep stuff. Then I started making feel good music. Lol now that’s all I make 🤣🤣🤣

  7. More cross-eyed vlogging please !! When you cross your eyes, my focus goes 10x and it makes your content more digestible lmao. Keep bein you man

  8. Honestly, I can't give you nothing but props. Whatever else you do, what you're doing with THIS….. SALUTE. Solid shit, bruh! You have some of the very best content out "for your target audience", lol. And once again….NAPTOWN!!

  9. I got two main styles when making music. One style is when i rap on trap beats. Money man type beats.

    My other style is my smooth side where the beats are slower such as a curren$y or larry june beat

    I do this on purpose because these are the artists i listen to so im going to have some if their cadences.

    I think its goid ti have versatility but at the same time as an artist you must know your sound. U must know whuch beats fits you well. And u must know which songs your people like the most

  10. I have had countless arguments and creative differences with ma homies on this issue. But im taking the high road. An album is at least 12 songs, 5 of them need to cater to the market.on the rest I do as I please.

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