Impractical Jokers – Worst Marketing Presentation Ever

Sal and Q pose as chest bumping marketing executives. New episodes premiere Thursday, July 16 at 10/9c on truTV

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If laughter is contagious, these guys should be quarantined! Q, Sal, Joe and Murr have entertained each other for years with the most hilarious practical jokes they could imagine. Now these real-life best friends are challenging each other to the most outrageous dares and uproarious stunts ever to be caught on hidden camera.

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Impractical Jokers – Worst Marketing Presentation Ever


40 bình luận trong “Impractical Jokers – Worst Marketing Presentation Ever

  1. Actually i didn't know what euthanasia was at all before watching this. In curiosity i just googled and i was like bruh 💀☠️.

  2. I challenge you to find a comment here that isnt either:
    • Quoting the video
    • Saying "I lost it at __ part"
    • Something about sal and q cracking up laughing

  3. When I watch 2-3 clips of any of their games, it becomes my new favourite game. They're all soooo good!!

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