Marketing 101 – Marketing Tips for Small Business

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00:00 intro
00:53 step 1: marketing is critical
04:21 step 2:study human behavior
11:00 step 3:Go deep
14:32 step 4:Always be consistent
20:36 step 5: Pick a lane and dominate


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Are you looking for guidance on how to properly grow your business and you need a marketing 101 crash course? Today is your lucky day! In this video i’m giving away marketing tips for small business owners.

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  1. I dodged this man's videos for years. I finally completed watching it and it is nothing but gems in there! To you sir, i say salute.

  2. I love this awesome video. I have learned a lot from you. I added SMS Campaigns with Launch Control and, that has improved my results! I recommend it to everyone to try it!

  3. This is an awesome video! You have a lot of passion for this. One tip, I was not going to watch it because your set-up with the white board is so casual. At first I did not take you seriously. However, you quickly won me over. Nice job! My agency does market research. You are dead on the money when you say that small businesses must know the demand for what they are selling. The #1 reason that small businesses fail is that the demand for their product or service is not strong enough. Find that demand, understand it and you can succeed. Would love to talk more with you about it, if you are interested. I am at [email protected]

  4. The first two points that you've talked about are really important and it hits different, because currently I am a marketing student, and none of my teachers explained marketing as well as you do. Thank You – Franck

  5. It has been successful with Mr Marco @tradefx__with_marco on insta . I started with $900 and got my return in just 4 days, he’s transparency and accountability has always been best @tradefx__with_marco

  6. I was experimenting with the different accounts stores🤯, but seems to be the best option for me to buy FB accs.🤩 It saves a lot of time as they can be bought in bulk, all verified.✔️

  7. I was going to watch this video until I saw it was for black men only. Hmm I figured in 2020 discrimination would be gone, especially, in America. Sad to see.

  8. Ehh this is pretty basic advice … I think this type of marketing would saturate any market and just end up with you loosing money :/

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