Marketing Strategies That Failed Spectacularly – Part 2

Some businesses make mistakes. Sometimes business mistakes are so bad, they can’t be ignored. Coming up are some terrible marketing strategies that failed spectacularly.
Part 1:
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45 bình luận trong “Marketing Strategies That Failed Spectacularly – Part 2

  1. Imagine bein mad at digiorno for you putting out your sob story and them have nothing to do with anything your talking about. But your still mad 💀

  2. I really don't see the problem with the washing machine ad. Its not racist at all. Its basically saying you won't be able to believe how clean your clothes are. And they close 2 different races to show the difference. If it was really racist do you think a black man would have any part in it? Thought not.

  3. i think audi made that as a joke here in the netherlands we do the same and audi is german they are are neighbors

  4. Yesterday I found a company with ABSOLUTELY WASTING PEOPLES MONEY like: Would you want to buy a plush for 4000zł or 50zł

  5. The Dasani thing isn't just bad because of the bromine but the fact that it includes salt to dehydrate you to make you buy even more that dehydrating water from them

  6. Asian people are racist that's a black person letting enjoys life no but she had to destroy them in the washer machine and let him drown and make sure he becomes White she she doesn't like black people that's racist

  7. If they didn't do it on purpose than ppl should n forgiving 🤦🏽‍♂️these days ppl jus wanna be mad

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