Mastering Marketing | Erin Blaskie

Director of Marketing at Fellow, Erin Blaskie, chats with Shane Parrish about the evolution of digital marketing, improving your marketing strategies, knowing your customer and the strengths and perils of social media.

Ever since Erin got her hands on a Commodore 64 her dad brought home she has immersed herself in the digital domain. She started her own company at a young age and has since helped shape businesses’ marketing blueprint.




Shane Parrish:

Farnam Street

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  1. I remember she said something regarding the BuzzFeed marketing and I was wondering what she meant by this. I assume it's the "shocking" style marketing, but not 100% sure. I've read some articles and a book on marketing where this type/style is promoted as being very effective. I'm curious, what other styles there are as I find this style a bit "offensive" for some of the potential clients. P.S.: I'm a newbie in marketing and would like to hear some expert opinions. Thanks

  2. Shane, thanks again. This interview clarified my mind in many ways. Keep this amazing work, man!

  3. Great interview! Love how in this one interview, you've gone from story to strategy to tactics to philosophy. Brilliant conversation.

  4. Really enjoyable and insightful interview. Could have focused on digital marketing tactics for small businesses though. Overall a great interview from a really clued on interviewer.

  5. Basically, most problems that people are facing today is because we lost sight of our core values.
    "Science has spread skepticism among educated people. The hope of establishing a heaven on earth by means of material progress has led many to ridicule the search for the spiritual path. But, the god of material progress demands worship at its shrines. We worship the swift-moving machinery of our skills, factories, and workshops- the temples of industry; we worship our office, our trade and commerce, banks and stock exchanges(the churches of high finance); we worship scholarship, our schools, and colleges.

    And in the midst of all this worship, we have forgotten the worship of the Lord."

    Quoted from the book

    Divine Mystic Reflections on Gurmat by Saint Scholar Naranjan Singh Ji

    Gurmat (gur-mat) – counsel or tenets of the Guru, more specifically focusing the mind towards the Guru.

    We need to get back to first principles of living.

  6. "Working on editing my own speech patterns". What a great statement to remember and apply, especially for the younger gen. the scene between father and a son who wants to be a journalist in the movie river runs through it captures this well. this interview is truly about applying the concept of love, not the kind of love that is overly used and abused by recent generations to describe how much they like something, but love that is action based And seeks to understand, perfectly defined in the book of Corinthians. All of the answers to help people in business are written in history. The concept of the Internet so clouded all of this.

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