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  1. i ask again. Where is number how many bars broke on SL7 or how many of them have had this issue? Everyone is talking like most of the bike are now dead and breaking. i got mine, rode like 14k KM this year and have no scratch on the fork or so.

  2. A 3 watt gain at the cost of not being able to ride your bike for three months? I don't think that's worth the $20k price tag.

  3. Still would rather ride the SL7, than an exposed cable system like the TCR or a rim brake.

    I’m not afraid to admit that these gains hardly matter to me. But an integrated system looks waaayyyy cooler. I don’t ride to make up for a lack of ego by needing to prove my strava times.

    I just want to ride a bike that I think is cool and can afford, and I’ll have fun my way.

    That said. This recall is making me consider if I should get a dogma F as well, and maybe sell off the sl7, rather than wait to see if this will lead to issues down the road.

  4. I agree with your recommendations, aside from BMC. They look and ride all fine but it's definitely up there with Cervelo, Canyon, Specialized, 3T, etc.
    Merida and Giant are alright.
    Edit: not price-wise but the BS they sell and lack of proper engineering

  5. I honestly don't think Pogacar (or anyone else for that matter) would have any disadvantage if riding a 2008 model year 6.8 kg no-nonsense round tube rim brake bike on mountain stages.

  6. Just googled the price for a Yamaha R6 supersport bike, the same price as this road bicycle… somehow that just doesn't add up.

  7. $11K for a dangerous bike. I have had several recalled bikes. Ho ray for CPSC. Stay safe and listen to your machines.
    I like to ride with a few gadgets, and the lack of a clean car-like PAN to integrate them is an issue. It's1980 in that area.
    This was just another bad attempt. "There is no such thing as a pretty wire."

  8. SL7 headset has similar if not the same design like the venge, but why isn't there any issue with the venge?

  9. Integrated cockpits look great, but I've never believed the slight aero gain is worth the risk with however they have designed the clamp.

  10. I don’t understand how the price of the SL7 is on par with Specialized top of the range E MTB which has a bloody motor, front and rear suspension, dropper post and carbon frame with additional linkages and massive wheels and tyres.

  11. Its like they are high AF on coke and seeing how much they can finesse these noobs who don't know what a good bike actually rides like.

  12. I always knew my 8.4 kg titanium bike would be faster than a SL 7 if I waited long enough


  13. The important thing to remember is that the gains they claim are in steady state testing with biased favourable conditions, in the real world, the bike is only as good as the rider. The bike industry needs to be better regulated A) to keep people safe B) to stop marketing making claims that are utter nonsense outside of their very specific testing conditions.

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