ObGyn Reacts to Vagisil's PROBLEMATIC Teen Marketing

ObGyn physicians react to Vagisil’s problematic marketing that targets teens and capitalizes on manufactured insecurity. Thanks to all the doctors who helped make this video possibl. Please leave a comment or give your thoughts to vagisil on Twitter & Instagram.

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41 bình luận trong “ObGyn Reacts to Vagisil's PROBLEMATIC Teen Marketing

  1. As a guy…we are not whatsoever against the natural smell of the vagina….UTI's and UTD's not withstanding……handle that scandal cause it might lead to something else. My homegirls…they can shower or not. Call me a dirty savage or a filthy animal……I like that scent.

  2. As a fan of the pudenda…I always try to put it on the agenda….I really respect your professional opinion. I like your convivial style…..I love all things vaginal….I respect your attempt to normalize this subject matter.

  3. I got itchy during my period when I was using pads or tampons. Sponge tampons & period undies have completely eliminated that itchiness.

  4. i might be being a lol petty here, but… not all people who have periods are girls…. not everyone who has a vagina identifies as a girl…. just sayin

  5. I wrote a message to Vagisil months ago, and it wasn't about praise.
    Got no reply.

    The reason they target younger women is with an agenda in mind: older women usually know better than to think vaginal discharges are wrong, or that a vagina should smell like flowers……

  6. I legitimately never had a "fishy" smell until I caved to curiosity and tried Vagisil's soap for the first time. I have a very sensitive nose, so when I first noticed the scent of tuna, I was very concerned. It didn't take long to put two and two together, though, and I tossed the soap in the garbage where it belonged, swapping back to just water for down below. I had to see a doc, but eventually the smell was taken care of when my PH balance normalized.

    Conclusion? Vagisil's products are crap, their marketing has always been predatory, and their management members need a solid boot to the head.

  7. As a member of a religious tradition that does associate women's menstrual cycles with power and the moon, I am pissed. Misappropriation and misusing this idea to shame teen girls is evil. Part of many traditions that associate the moon and menstrual cycles also completely normalize and celebrate the things that go along with it..like natural odor. Makes a woman wonder the gender dynamic of the advertising teams that make these ads. Mostly men who are still seem almost as freaked out by women's bodies as they were 500 years ago?

  8. The love of money is targeting and harming vulnerable people in our society, I am not against capitalism, I am however against making money at the expense and harm of others, especially what I perceive as intentional harm like this ad campaign and the target audience.

  9. I wash down there because I'm prone to UTIs. Vagisil is what I use because regular soap just doesn't feel right. Of course, DEFINITELY don't put things inside, but washing the outside is fine.

  10. The only time it ever stinks down town is after a workout or if i had a pad on… it's just bacteria thriving and basically farting on ur skin. Just take a shower after workouts and rinse with water, if ya need to shave use shave oil instead of shave cream or soap and be careful.

  11. In the seventh grade teacher talked about our period. She told us girls try not to get blood on the toilet seat. In my young impressionable you period is dirty, embarrassing and something to be ashamed of

  12. The consistent use of "vagina" for everything strongly suggests to me that this copy is all being written by men.

  13. I was always taught to use unscented products and if I needed it and only then unscented baby wipes. It was kinda strange to have baby wipes in my cupboard at first but they didn't cause itching, discomfort, redness, rash, e.c.t.

  14. I was yelling at this video….
    My husband- Baby why are you yelling??? (explains this video GLITTER SENTED WASH) So…. they are trying to make baby strippers? That is just wrong even I know you're not supposed to put anything down there and I am am guy!

  15. Lol love your videos. Vagisil should be banned for life. Never use anything with scent on the vag…. It can cause BV , the bad odor, which only gets worse of you wash with these products.

  16. One of my pet peeves is using the word vagina for the vulva and there's another doctor on YouTube who does it. I've pointed it out in their comments.

  17. I cannot use soap. Even the sensitive dove upsets me & dries me out. I prefer liquid ph balanced soap. I cannot use bar soap at all lol.

  18. Since I was a child…My parents taught me to just use water to clean it.

    Yes thanks for saying this! No scented stuff girls, please. Your vulva doesn't need vanilla scent hahhaa.

    Wait wtf is vulva dry shampoo. What.. why would anyone need that. That's hilarious

  19. That's why I use summers Eve I have never liked vagisil I've always had a problem when I tried any of there feminine wash I use summers Eve and have no problems just wash the outside and am good to go because I'm weird about about just using water to clean it I feel like I have to have soap to

  20. Interesting video! And for anyone reading Jesus, the son of the one true living God, loves you! I hope you have a blessed night

  21. I remember a friend having this scented wash that she used on her vagina who always had a yeast infection. When I found out I couldn’t help but ask her why she was using it and she said “to make my vagina smell nicer”. I just stared at her for a few seconds then said “Vaginas aren’t supposed to smell like blueberries and vanilla. They’re supposed to smell like…well, vaginas. You shouldn’t be using anything scented. Plain water is just fine, or if you must use something just buy a soap free wash meant to help rebalance the pH in your vagina”

  22. Almost all marketing is exploitative and manipulative. Tons of marketing targets kids and teens and exploits insecurities. It's gross, but it is in no way unique to Vagisil. They are just one of many shady companies with no morals.

  23. I grew up with out a support system and had to learn how to do everything by my self and dr.mama Jones has helped me so much with learning about my body thank you so much

  24. Hmmm… freshen up. I don’t know about you but I WASH. I’m so glad you are addressing this BAD marketing!

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