History And A Hot Dog

48 bình luận trong “Retired Navy Seal Michael Jaco insulted by Legacy Marketing Network.

  1. This is hysterical..alright Mr Pennyworth, I think you confused the shit outta some of your listeners but this was priceless! God bless you Red!

  2. Your a moron, good truthers don't bash others. We're suppose to be united. What did you Google it. Yeah their real truth tellers.

  3. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  4. You know nothing about Mike Penny. Maybe you should watch his show and see how ignorant you sound. He has a great heart and I have NEVER seen him smoke! You are disgusting.

  5. Serious question: Is this a parody of the Mike Penny Legacy Marketing Network channel?

    if so, it is glorious. MORE PLEASE.

  6. This joker is impersonating Mike Penny/Legacy Marketing. It is not him. Not sure what this idiot is trying to do.

  7. My opinion,,I agree Jayco is a joke,, he dont know anything, he talking about the same thing over an over, why would any one give him real intel, Jayco is drama. So is David neeno..

  8. Michael Jaco handled the lies said about him like the gentleman he is. No threats, Nothing negative!! Maybe you should take a hot shower and clean yourself up a lot!! Michael wasn't phased by any of it, so LET IT GO!! HE WAS NO WHERE NEAR UPSET, OR EVEN PISSED OFF!! YOU ARE GROSS!!! MAYBE YOU SHOULD TAKE POINTERS FROM HIM AND LEARN HOW TO ACT HUMAN!

  9. Legacy Marketing only legacy is running shine in the holler and intel is from cousin Bubba and Jethro they heard from Momma Smith's Country Store and Septic Services.

  10. Jaco didn’t seem upset to me, I’ve been watching him for over a year. Maybe people should stop bashing other truthers & if Jaco is such a bad guy, than provide the proof, otherwise let’s focus on our real enemy. Anyway…your show is not my style, your voice & your obnoxiousness is a little disgusting so I’m moving on…

  11. I just got done watching the Jac0 vid where he breaks down the clip of Mike P. and the other guy bashing him. Jac0 didn't seem impressed but was calm and collected. I found Mike P. entertaining at times but don't like them bashing Jac0. Pray for wisdom and discernment and intuition. Father give us eyes to see and ears to hear, Amen….God bless you guys.

  12. Great impersonation but you missed one thing you need to disgustingly slurp and breathe at the same time you are drinking from a cup I don’t know why but it really bothers me when that dude takes a drink on air sounds disgusting lol

  13. From here in the UK M Jaco sounded like he wasnt to bothered or interested in what you thought or said t b h . He certainly said nothing about wanting to kill you that i heard during his show .

  14. LOL !
    what is 5by5 anyway?
    Nice hat Red!
    Is it salty?
    Need more info on MJ 😅
    Awesome candy check!
    🎙dang missed the live!
    Breaking news Halloween is the Zombie Apocalypse!
    My fave scary movie NOTLD!♨️♨️
    Those guys were wareing blackhats
    2. 2. 2. For sure
    That cowboy hat dude just spreading division in the christian community 🤠🤬

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