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James Hustle - Make Money Online

6 bình luận trong “The BEST Way To Make Money with MaxBounty CPA Marketing (SUPER EASY Method To Start Right Now!)

  1. Hey James! Great video and very informative. Can I ask why you choose Adelo instead of Glide? Looks like Adelo takes a while to setup and lot of settings than Glide? Thanks

  2. Great video!! Thank you so much! But I have a big question. We can make an app like this and share it in some health-related forums. But that CPA offers require mainly only USA leads. So how do we get the USA leads? This kind of forum has all countries' users. How do we exactly get USA Leads? Is there has some tricks to target most USA users who joined in health-related forums?

  3. Make Money with MaxBounty CPA Marketing WOW WOW WOW, I LOVE YOUR STRATEGIE!

    James Hustle it's amazing! I'm in love with you, really I love your video so much, I love your channel, all you do is full of LOVE! Go on, my friend, to create more interesting and valuable content on YouTube! Good luck my wonderful mentor!

    I believe that you are my number 1 mentor, because you really know how to inspire people to make money, to flourish their financial career, to get out of their comfort zone and achieve success in life … thank you because your channel exists on youtube , please don't stop creating valuable videos, because they matter a lot to me, they help me a lot to monetize my youtube channel! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR QUALITY WORK!

    And yep, this EASY Method i will Start Right Now!

  4. This is awesome James! I'm picturing a scenario where gym enthusiasts share this app to their gym mates (via QRcode), so what kind of health supplements can we embed inside the app? Diet pills perhaps, or protein powder?

  5. Let me ask you a question…Why are you doing so many videos about the Maxbounty network when you KNOW they are rejecting too many applications/applicants and most of your audience is beginners so it is obvious they get rejected? I know you have some videos bout CB and others as well BUT you are pushing the MB a lot bro, IMHO

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