The Future of Marketing – in 2021 and Beyond

It feels like online marketing changes every day.

New growth hacks emerge, and old tactics fade off in the distance.

Our daily tactics shift because consumer behaviors shift.

People get tired of the same-old same-old.

They start ignoring the same ad they’ve seen multiple times. They start ignoring the same old e-book lead magnet that they’ve seen for nearly a decade.

Thankfully, there are actually still a few constants. There are some underlying principles that will continue to stick around despite how often the tactics change.

The future of online marketing will be a combination of the most successful techniques of the past mixed with the growing need to personalize everything.

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Neil Patel

30 bình luận trong “The Future of Marketing – in 2021 and Beyond

  1. It will be interesting to see the upcoming changes in this space. We are beginning t see some now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sir, I wanna learn the complete SEO professionally to provide in a digital marketing agency. From where I can start learning it? I mean which course will be best for me to make me professionally efficient from the beginner stage? I am suffering from indecision. Help me plz.

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  4. Hi Neil, I am planning to take a social media marketing course and work as a freelancer…do you think it's a good career option in long run?

  5. I would be grateful if you reply to this comment sir.
    I am your big follower. I am looking forward to open a Digital Marketing Agency in India. Bu there is alot of competition. How Can I Innovate My Service Which Sets Me Appart?
    please reply I am very confused ..

  6. Superb insights … we run an Ecommerce service providing company in Mumbai “FirstVentures” . Surely applying these ideas to our start up.

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