The Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy for 2021

This is my COMPLETE content marketing strategy for 2021.

In fact, this is the same step-by-step process that I used to get 2M+ visitors to my site last year.

With that, here’s a quick summary of what I’m going to cover in today’s video:

First, I’m going to show you how to find proven topics for your content. So whether you’re writing blog posts, shooting YouTube videos or recording podcasts, you’ll learn how to find topics that get results.

The next step in my content marketing strategy is to choose a content format. Specifically, a content format that’s working right now (in 2021).

Next, you’ll learn how to optimize that content for SEO. Specifically, I’ll show you how I optimize my blog posts so they rank in Google for competitive terms.

Finally, you’ll learn how to promote your content the right way.

In the end, you’ll have a legit content marketing strategy that you get use to get more traffic to your site.
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Brian Dean

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  1. Funny…it bothers me (but what can we do…) all the blogs "ranking" and content that ranks, are 80 – 90% directed of ways to earn. Neverminded subjects such as health, children's education, or whatever…so when you look to learn SEO, content marketing, etc, thats all that there is to it…how to make money doing this, or doing that.

  2. Been trying to research hub and spoke content model and any competing models, but literally cannot find much that covers this topic. @Brian Dean, any thoughts about this?

  3. 3:42 – Just a heads up, you say "bottom of the search results" but the next says "button of the search results".

  4. The things you share are great stuff for every webmaster out there aiming to advance their visit count as well as their position in the SE

  5. Amazing content as always! I'm working on growing my channel, and these tips are perfect!

    ✍️Here are my notes and takeaways from this video:

    – Do content research – you need topics that people want to hear about.
    – Check out content from your competitors that did very well.
    – Look at podcasts from your competition
    – Look at reddit, quora, and forums. Use answer the public.

    – Find keywords
    – Use google auto suggest
    – Look at the related keyword field.

    – How to make better content
    – Make your content actionable. Make sure people take something away from it that they can use immediately.
    – Give lots of examples.
    – Make it easy for people to consume your content by making it look good. Lots of whitespace, graphics, images, layout, etc. Nice UX.

    – Optimize for search
    – Link out to external websites and authority websites.
    – Optimize title for click through rate.
    – Include your keyword in the title and first 150 words.

    – How to promote your content after you create it?
    – Find content roundups and submit your content to them. This also applies to newsletters in your niche that roundup links. If you can get your content in front of them, they might include your content in their newsletter.
    – Promote in your email newsletter.
    – Boost facebook posts.
    – Share your post on facebook with a good curiosity headline/copy.
    – Boost that post using retargeting to people who had already visited your website.
    – This results in lower cost per click.

    – Don't focus on scaling using more posts. Focus on investing your money on increasing quality of content.
    – Run studies. Build teams. Invest in resources that others don't have to make your content better.

  6. GREAT videos. Just like everyone else said. I also really love the bloopers at the end! Crack me up every time!

  7. Sorry to bother you, if you've ever thought about getting your Instagram or Twitter account verified. Please send a dm to @ mr_poster07 on Instagram. Congratulations in advance. He verified my account @anglitu3 ®️. ☑️

  8. Hey Brian,there is a website someone suggested me.
    I cannot recall the name.
    But I remember that there was an old man who suggests ideas on any topic you type into the search bar.
    Do you happen to know that website's name?

  9. Content marketing techniques.
    1. Proven topic competitors, podcasts.
    2. Online communities.
    3. Keyword YouTube google suggest lsi.
    4. Content format.
    5. Epic content actionable stuff. With examples user experience.
    6. Seo.
    7. Promotion roundups email newsletter fb post.
    8. Track performance.
    9. Scale not quality not quantity.

  10. 13:20 I left a blog I was working for because the CEO wouldn't listen to me when I told him our analytics are horrible because we're pumping out too much unwanted content…

    Our great numbers drew in a lot of sponsorship offers to him and he couldn't say no to money so, instead of putting out a piece of quality content once per week or two, we started publishing 3-4 things per week to meet the required deadlines,

    Because of this, the quality has massively declined and over the next few months we've basically trained our audience to expect our usual tutorial-like content to instead be marketing pieces,

    The blog with 2 million monthly subscribers went from up to 1 million views in the first month of posting to 30-50 thousand if we're lucky and the title is clickbaity enough,

    Not only did the total reading numbers plummet, but the time spent on our pages was literally GONE, less than a minute per person per view…why? because people who were clicking on the headlines could see the advertising within the first few paragraphs and they immediately lost interest…

  11. Oh, come on! Another Brian Dean video. What do you expect? You are killing it! Your tips literally help beginners like me with your easy to understand videos. I always look forward to your new uploads. How I wish I subscribed to your channel earlier.

  12. Thanks for all these great tips. I will be signing up for your newsletter. It would have been good to have a link straight to your website in the description below

  13. The internet is awash with content. it would seem reasonable to me that the best and most enduring way to get noticed (and ultimately deliver value) is with quality.

  14. Wish i can reach the sane like what you did
    I am a newbie here just recently connectee in your channel

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