Validity of BS in India for MBBS in Philippines | Beware of Marketing Glamor | Be Vigilant 😇😱😤

Dear NEET Aspirants,

If you are looking for MBBS in Philippines then this content of 12:33 minutes is a must watch for you all. 🙏

The Philippines is a great country with wonderful education system and great people BUT with every good thing there are some untold aspects and manipulations which ca give strong after shocks to a student.😱

Through this video we have unearthed the validity of 1st year BS Program carried in campuses in India being marketed by some of the most powerful lobby of Consultants. 👽

Among these flashy blitz and promises at times we also get carried away and fail to ask some really SERIOUS questions. Students and parents have very simple aspirations but if it is followed by such untold facts and surprises then this needs to be checked. ✋

In our endeavor to create an awareness Team Get My University have made a logical analysis of the tall claims made by these institutions and put some reality checks to validate them. 👁

Team Get My University aspires to educate students thereby empowering them in taking informed decisions.


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  1. Thanks for your regular information videos, just keep up the great work going and all crypto lovers informed.

  2. Sir? i have query related to validity of clerkship of Philippines in India. Do we have to do mandatory 1 year internship in India when the NEXT exam comes in action

  3. Hi : Can you suggest any other college in Phillipines which is good and how can you help in the admission process

  4. Such a brave step taken against an institution and that too just for the sake of providing a clear and transparent scenario,
    And also without hesitating once,
    Most honest consultant and consultancy,

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