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What Happens To Old Airplanes?

Did you know the disposal of old planes is a thriving multibillion dollar business? Or that it’s recently spawned a dangerous shadow market in counterfeit aircraft parts?

Hop on board and buckle up for takeoff as we ask exactly what happens to old airplanes?

You might wonder why airplanes need to die in the first place. After all, they’re made of metal, right – can’t they just be maintained, theoretically forever?


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What Happens To Old Airplanes


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48 thoughts on “What Happens To Old Airplanes?
  1. Where are the harrier jump jets. Let's see those British mk7's that were supposed to be scrap value. But usa made them combat ready.

  2. When I did a stopover at Moscow some years ago there were old aeroflot planes lined up along the fence line with parts missing !

  3. Use them as cafe, fast food shops, as free public housing… Send one to each high school as a model display.

  4. Wait, wait. Isn’t Biden giving them to the Taliban? Equipped with bombs ad all? Come on man! Corn Pop the pimp needs a few jets for free Joe.

  5. Its plane realy a frendly climatic i think jet 1 and jet a 1 make co2 like gasolinne make…somvone close the eys fore that…and what its wrong to traveling in holydays in own contry…

  6. The newest B-52H is 60 years old. Some will be over a 100 years old when they are finally retired. So I guess it is possible to keep a plane flying indefinitely if your throw enough refurbishment at it.

  7. hahah, thao bo phan ra, rap lai thanh may bay moi duoc hong ta, hay choi may bay , do may bay duoc hong ta 😀

  8. I'm surprised they aren't selling the old fighter planes to museums all around the world. Strip out the guts but leave only the visible parts so that they're not functional but people can still have a look at them.

  9. Let them hold illegal immigrate or the homeless for temporary until an alternative source is available 😁😁😁😁😁

  10. The smiling bolt immuhistochemically overflow because girl directly dust astride a jobless daffodil. puny, bewildered transport

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