What’s It Like To Work In Marketing & Communications? | #BoFEducation

The Communications Store give an insight as to how role of fashion PR has grown in importance in the digital age, and how you can be a part of it.
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The Business of Fashion

20 bình luận trong “What’s It Like To Work In Marketing & Communications? | #BoFEducation

  1. I love Marketing. I'm a recent grad and I've been applying for Marketing internships and I'm hoping I get one 🌻

  2. I cant wait to apply. Although I have no relations with Fashion, i want to able to help sove problems, and communicate for a better lifestyle!

  3. What I'm really confused about is that can you study pr as a course or is it under communication and marketing

  4. Hahahah had me cracking up when you told the other room to quiet down. Awesome to hear the strategies from your team. Great content, just subscribed.

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  6. Great attitude toward growing and nurturing talent. So many senior leaders don't reserve time for this, some even think interns are a pain.

  7. love this clip and so right, we need to keep up with today's world changes and challenge, you've got to be old school yet modern

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