You're Not Marketing Yourself Properly.

Today, I break down my theory on Marketing. My friend “TheFatJewish” comes by and explains how we turned a Meme page in a Million Dollar Business.





Ryan Serhant began his first day in the real estate business on September 15, 2008 – the same day that Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in the wake of the subprime mortgage collapse. While the real estate sector has steadily recovered, Serhant himself has quickly become one of the most successful brokers in the world, with agents under his leadership in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and the Hamptons. On the 12th anniversary of his first day in the industry, Ryan launched his own real estate brokerage, SERHANT. – continuing to revolutionize the traditional brokerage model by innovating through media and content creation. Ryan’s team has been named by WSJ Real Trends as the #1 real estate team in New York for two years in a row, and the top 3 in the country, selling close to $1 billion in real estate in 2019. Ryan is consistently the youngest broker to make the Wall Street Journal’s top ten list each year.

Ryan stars in the popular Bravo series “Million Dollar Listing New York,” which just wrapped its eighth season. As star and producer, he also debuted his new Bravo show, “Sell It Like Serhant,” and published his first book, “Sell It Like Serhant”. His second book, “Big Money Energy” is set to release on January 19, 2021. His motto communicates his professional and personal philosophy, “Expansion. Always. In all ways.”

Ryan Serhant

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  1. Ok so Puma…he's a genius. Like I shit you not, it's thats kind of thinking that makes shit happen. Simple and effective no crap. Everything be thinking about crazy ideas to promote something or change or introduce.
    Hold the book, for the next 20 days until release. All photos, videos, all public appearances, you're holding. That. Book.
    Fucking genius.

  2. I m from Thailand 🇹🇭 I am learning by myself From your channel It's amazing I am your fc another one. 🙂

  3. Forex and cryptocurrency trading are really helping financially lives during this pandemic…I’m glad to be part of those who benefitted from investing

  4. This is awesome 👏! The idea at 1:15 is my favorite. This lesson totally reminds me of the vids from this insightful growth hacker Adi! Adi is an expert in the automation tool Jarvee and that is why they call her Dr Jarvee.

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  6. Amazing to see what you have built since that first season of MDLNY – pre ordered 2 hardcopies and on audible. Your first book I have read/listened to 5 times ! Congrats on the NY times best seller 🙂

  7. If you're not using social media to market yourself, then you are way behind.

    YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

  8. I've always wanted to invest in forex/stock trading, after a few trials I realized that trading without a good mentor and guidance is a waste of time and money.

  9. What the hell did "TheFatJewish" guy even say???! No one has made wine with a brand? Because I'm pretty sure brand is everything wrt wine… Maybe he's just talking about blind faith in which people buy anything you sell, like his wine label, before he had even had the product to sell, b/c he had "followers." I suppose you can make money that way, if that's all you care about. I would suggest you also focus on quality product, because I truly believe it will take you further in the long run. Good luck with your book.

  10. Having Ryan's focus, ambition, energy. drive and success at such a young age is just incredible. I feel like I literally didn't even wake up to these traits until 30. And as a 50 something I still aspire to attain them more!

  11. My YT Channel is my new sandcastle, its been fun learning from each video that I put out, watching the way people respond to them. Not only directly through YouTube, but also just the messages and conversations I have afterwards with people who have watched them. Keep building

  12. Trading right now will be at the of every wise individual's 1years you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  13. " All sizzle and No Steak " ? Are you still selling Real Estate or just endless Marketing of derivative non-substance ?

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